What is now the Christian Fellowship Church started as a Sunday School Class that started meeting on Thursday evenings in the living room of Rev. J.J.M. and Mrs. Margaret Friesen in 1943. Rev. J.J.M. Friesen went on to become the founding pastor of the Christian Fellowship Church which was formally organized and recognized as a church in 1958. A radio ministry called the “Bread of Life Broadcast”, was founded by Rev. Friesen and the broadcasts could be heard in Saskatchewan and points in Bolivia, in both English and German, from 1957 to 1972.

Our first missionaries, Kay Unger (TEAM, India) and Freda Rempel (TEAM, China) left for their fields of ministry in March of 1954 soon to be followed by other missionaries going, from our midst, to numerous fields around the world. It has been and is a blessing to be a sending church of many willing and faithful missionaries.

Over time, the church, like society, has gone through many changes. A constant of our church is that the Word of God is our standard for faith and practice (living) and the Triune God is worshipped as the only true, living and eternal God who saves by grace, through faith. Today our church has active Senior Youth, Junior Youth, College & Career, Sunday School, and Awana programs (Awana for more than 30 years in our church now), we have a number of dedicated missionaries on fields around the world, we have a multi-generational congregation with a good number of people in all age groups…and we welcome anyone and everyone to come join us as whenever and as often you can or would like.

We thank God for His goodness and His faithfulness to our church now and over the years!!